Flying to Phoenix, AZ, from Boston, MA

Day 1

My awesome friend, Debbie, and I flew into Phoenix, Arizona, around 9:30 am. This means that our flight from Boston, Massachusetts, left around the ungodly hour of 6 am, and much of our flight was spent in a perpetual sunrise due to our flying west, away from the sun as it was rising. I don’t know if it was the combination of suddenly being in a desert, closer to the equator, or the sun finally catching up with us, but for the first hour after leaving the airport in Phoenix everything was blindingly bright and I kept catching myself blinking at the air around me in my sunglasses in confusion and bemusement.

On the plane, we met a couple who recommended we eat at two places, Chicken N’ Waffles and a burger place (that I don’t remember the name of). We immediately found Chicken N’ Waffles at the airport and got a bacon and scrambled egg waffle sandwich thing. Then we got our rental car and drove around Phoenix.

We stumbled upon a ceramics museum on the Arizona State University campus, where I took the picture of the gold heart, and ended up talking to a really nice guy who worked their, Cole. There were quite a few really impressive pieces of art in a relatively small place and we spent much longer than we meant to, talking to Cole about ASU and ceramics. The place is actually called theĀ ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center, click on the link to learn more.

At some point we realized it was Tuesday and a place we were planning to visit the next day, our first official full day, was free in the afternoons on Tuesdays. So we went to the Desert Botanical Garden, an awesome place right in the middle of Phoenix.

There were quail families running around in the dusk and tons of birds. It was an incredibly cool place that we immediately knew we were not going to get enough time at, so as we were being kicked out and my camera died, we made plans to go again the next day. I will write more about the Desert Botanical Garden in the next blog post.




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